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Am i ready to be a parent?

That's a fair question. We want you to be informed that if you choose to parent you will not be alone. There are hundreds of resources available for new parents, right here in your own community!

What resources are available to help me? 

Our pregnancy counselors will direct and guide you based on your individual needs. We can link you with local providers that offer a variety of resources such as -pregnancy and parenting support, -urgent needs for diapering, clothing, and formula -help for teen moms AND SO MUCH MORE!

How will I support myself and my child?

If you work or go to school, you may qualify for public assistance. Public assistance covers a variety of needs, such as food, medical, housing and supplies for your child. We can help set up an appointment to find out if you qualify.

What is the best decision for me? 

The best decision is an informed decision. Knowing your options and what they will mean for you and your child is the best way to decide what will be best for both of you. Getting information costs you nothing, but it can help you be assured that you have made an informed choice.

How will being a parent affect my time?

Like any new mother or father, you will not have the same amount of time for yourself that you did before your baby was born. If you are planning to parent, talk honestly with your family and friends about how they may be willing to help you find some time for yourself.

Can I choose adoption later if I decide that I can't parent?

YES. You may reconsider adoption after you have been parenting for some time. And that is OK! Our pregnancy counselors have local and out of state connections to several different agencies. 

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